July 16 & 23, 2020
Home Improvement Virtual Event
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Retooling plans for the home improvement channel amid COVID-19

Home Improvement is one of the few growth channels during this time of crisis.

At this Virtual Event, you can expect:

  • A North American perspective (U.S., Canada, Mexico): implications and strategies to combat trade-tariffs/ trade wars
  • An overview of Macro trends and timely analysis of new shopper trends
  • Emerging retail technologies that are increasing supply chain and distribution efficiencies
  • Merchandising optimization, both instore and online
  • How COVID-19 has changed Lowe's key business priorities
  • Home Depot's strategic pillars and the execution of One Home Depot in the COVID-19 era
  • The new competitive landscape: Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Wayfair; how you can partner for incremental growth 
  • Case studies for success: companies who’ve recently entered this channel and found ways to win


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Home Improvement Workshop Update

In light of COVID-19, we have made the decision to put the health and wellness of our clients first. The Home Improvement Workshop will now be held virtually. We hope you’ll still join us from the comfort from your office or home.

What’s a virtual event like?

  • Easy access
  • Listen live, later, or view a recording in your own time
  • Directly download event presentations
  • Participate in live polls and Q&A with speakers

Please email events@kantarconsulting.com with any questions.

*Please note that to preserve the highest quality audio experience, we are pausing the use of webcams on all virtual events starting 3/31/2020. We are hopeful to return to our use of webcams in the near future. We appreciate your understanding of home WiFi bandwidth constraints. We will continue to reassess this decision as circumstances evolve.  



Don’t just dream of winning in retail. Experience it. Access our industry’s best
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and hands-on working sessions. It’s time
to set yourself apart in the new era of retail.

Individual Event Pass

$ 1,250

  • Full Access to July 16 & July 23 virtual events, session recordings, and PDF files of all available event presentations.

Group Event Pass (5 guests)

$ 5,000

  • Full Access to July 16 & 23 virtual events, session recordings, and PDF files of all available event presentations.

Enterprise Access

$ 10,000

  • Full Access to July 16 & 23 virtual events, session recordings, and PDF files of all available event presentations.


David Marcotte

1:00-1:30 PM
Introduction: Preparing for brave new realities
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President

We lay out the key themes for the workshop.

Doug Hermanson

1:30-2:40 PM
Macro essentials to build home improvement sales amid COVID-19
Doug Hermanson, Principal Economist

The 2020 recession has thrown ice cold water on a hot housing market. While it can be tempting to compare this recession directly with the Great Recession, a great deal about this economic downturn and recovery will be different. This session will cover:

  • How macro trends and their home improvement implications compare with the Great Recession
  • The leading indicators you need to follow
  • The home improvement channel forecasts you need for your sales plans

2:40-2:55 PM BREAK

Caroline Dumas

2:55-4:00 PM
Emerging home improvement shopper trends
Caroline Dumas, Analyst

With a worldwide pandemic uprooting normalcy, shoppers’ routines are disrupted, anxiety is rising, uncertainty is looming, and life as shoppers know it is on hold. Even so, could more time at home bode well for the industry as shoppers seek to reinvigorate their space? This session explores Kantar’s home improvement deep-dive research, including:

  • Reconstructing plans: The impact of COVID-19 on home improvement projects
  • Do-it-myself versus hire-for-myself: How generations approach home improvement
  • Building bigger baskets: The potential of impulse buying
  • Drilling into satisfaction: How specialty players are performing, and the potential threat of big-box
Amar Singh

1:00-1:45 PM
Retail transformation at Lowe’s
Amar Singh, Principal Analyst

Lowe’s has been elevating the in-store shopping experience, consolidating its North American business, reinforcing relationship with pro shoppers, and expanding its ecommerce platform over the last few quarters. However, COVID-19 has both disrupted business priorities and accelerated online transformation. In this session, learn:

  • How COVID-19 has changed Lowe’s key business priorities
  • The optimal merchandising strategy to find growth in the retailer’s in-store and online channels
  • How Lowe’s is enhancing engagement with pro shoppers
Amar Singh

1:45-2:30 PM
Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on Home Depot
Amar Singh, Principal Analyst
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President

The home improvement leader showed impressive growth before the outbreak of COVID-19 and that strong performance carried through March and early April despite limited store operations. This fact underlines Home Depot’s strong business fundamentals and operational efficiency. This session will highlight:

  • Home Depot’s strategic pillars and the execution of One Home Depot in the COVID-19 era
  • The expansion of digital and ecommerce capabilities
  • The retailer’s operational efficiencies and strategic changes to address business challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis

2:30-2:45 PM  BREAK

Christina Anderson

2:45-3:20 PM

Winning the Digital Shelf
Christina Anderson, Senior Director, eCommerce & Omnichannel
Prem Shunmugavelu, Vice President, eCommerce, Omnichannel & Digital

As shoppers turn to online channels more than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to have a strong presence across digital touchpoints. Brands must optimize their content in order to both maximize presence and encourage conversion. In this session we will:

  • Explore digital shelf best practices across key online platforms for home improvement categories
  • Analyze best-in-class executions across online platforms, including Amazon and Wayfair
  • Discuss how digital touchpoints can be integrated across channels and fulfillment models
David Marcotte

3:20-4:20 PM
Retail and supply chain automation in home improvement
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President

The home improvement channel is at the forefront of embracing automation and artificial intelligence to streamline logistics and focus on consumer-facing roles. This session will shed light on:

  • Emerging retail technologies that are increasing supply chain and distribution efficiencies
  • How home improvement is leveraging technology to elevate the shopper experience
  • How retailers are upgrading their existing hardware to optimize omnichannel efficiencies
David Marcotte

4:20-4:30 PM
Closing considerations
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President

We conclude the day by underlining the key strategic steps necessary to find near-term wins and long-term growth in the home improvement channel.


Kantar Event Speakers

David Marcotte
Senior Vice President

David leads Kantar’s insights into the current and future state of international retail, complex business processes, and technology. He covers a range of retail channels, including home improvement, consumer electronics, and food service. David is a provocative keynote speaker for events across the Americas and Asia. He is an experienced leader of international teams, a veteran executive consultant, and a retail solutions architect. 
Amar Singh
Amar Singh
Principal Analyst

Amar is a principal analyst, focusing on Canadian retail and eCommerce. He creates insights that inform strategic decisions related to key grocery, mass merchandising, drug, club, home improvement, and digital channels. Amar is a seasoned brand, shopper, and advertising researcher. Before joining Kantar in 2018, he managed consumer insights at a leading CPG brand in Canada, which included brand management, packaging optimization, and product innovation. Amar has an MSc in marketing and consumer studies from the University of Guelph.
Caroline Dumas
Caroline Dumas

Caroline is an Analyst on the Shopper Insights team, contributing to content creation and analyzing ShopperScape® data for clients. Prior to joining Kantar in 2018, Caroline worked for a custom research firm executing and managing quantitative and qualitative research for clients. Caroline earned a B.B.A. in marketing from Georgia College and State University in 2016 and a master’s in marketing research from the University of Georgia in 2017.
Doug Hermanson
Doug Hermanson
Principal Economist

Doug specializes in data management, forecasting, and applied economics for the economist and home improvement teams. He contributes economic, retail, and consumer insights through customized research, presentations, and syndicated publications. He is also a key developer of the econometric models and methodologies used in the channel, category, and country-level retail market forecasts produced at Kantar. He holds an M.S. in economics from The Ohio State University where he developed research on regional retail market development and financial commodity markets.

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