April 24 | 11 a.m. EDT – 4 p.m. EDT
The retail realities of COVID-19:
A global Kantar virtual event
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Now, next, and future

This is an extraordinary time for all of us. At Kantar, we remain committed to helping you and your teams make sense of the COVID-19 crisis and the ripple effects it’s creating across the retail landscape. From supply chain disruptions to shopper sentiments to economic swings, our experts will help address your most pressing issues today while keeping you on the right path for tomorrow. This paid virtual engagement will reveal exclusive insights from Kantar’s ShopperScape® and MONITOR studies to ground current assumptions in shopper behavior and consumer trends. Throughout the day, Kantar’s experts will address your most pressing issues and provide real-world implications to help your teams through this unprecedented time in retail.


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What we covered?

  • Macroeconomic and supply chain implications
  • Adapting to the new realities of commerce
  • The global outlook, with a focus on China, the UK, and Canada
  • Consumer sentiment and scenario planning.
  • Ecommerce and digital becoming the new norm
  • Where we go from here
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Event Agenda

Todd Szahun

11:00-11:05 AM
Welcome and setting the stage
Todd Szahun, Senior Vice President
Ted Riedel, Executive Vice President

Ted Riedel

11:05-11:20 AM
ShopperGenetics® COVID-19 Flash study
Todd Szahun, Senior Vice President
Ted Riedel, Executive Vice President

This session will answer the following questions:

  • Which categories have undergone transformational change with respect to frequency, transaction size, basket conversion, and expandable consumption?
  • Which brands will gain/lose shoppers, and what longer-term impacts should we expect?
  • What are the implications for traditional spring holiday categories?
Doug Hermanson

11:20 AM-12:00 PM
Retail macro implications for this uniquely disruptive recession
Doug Hermanson, Principal Economist

The spread of COVID-19 is likely to cast us into a sudden recession. This session will cover:

  • How macro trends and their retail implications compare with the Great Recession
  • The unique retail opportunities and challenges of the 2020 recession
  • Economic scenarios you can apply to your sales plans 
12:00-12:05 PM
Mary Brett Whitfield

12:05-12:35 PM
Shopper behavior in the time of COVID-19
Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President
Leigh O’Donnell, Vice President

Fielded during the first week of April 2020, Wave 1 of Kantar’s COVID-19 Commerce Snapshot is a just-in-time custom look at shopper behavior in this unprecedented time. We will cover:

  • Shoppers’ financial and emotional anxiety
  • What shoppers did when faced with store shortages, and what they’ll do next
  • Whether shoppers’ shifting behavior is the new normal

Oceanne Zhang

12:35-12:45 PM

COVID-19 updates and insights from China’s recovery
Oceanne Zhang, Director of Consulting

China is looking to the future as the government loosens shelter-in-place restrictions. Learn from our on-the-ground expert who will discuss:

  • The new market landscape
  • Changes in shopper behavior
  • Manufacturers’ evolution
Ray Gaul

12:45-1:20 PM
The four key global retail battles: Learnings from the UK and Canada
Ray Gaul, Senior Vice President of European Retail Insights
Amar Singh, Principal Analyst

We will explore the four unique battles retailers are facing in the UK and Canada . Learn the ways that brands can align with the fast pace of change to help win the war. The four battlefronts we’ll cover are:

  • Moving products along the supply chain from boat, lorry, warehouse, and store to homes
  • Protecting workers from infection and exhaustion
  • Communicating with the public and regulating shopping behavior to prevent irrational purchasing
  • Complying with ever-changing rules, regulations, and government requests
Katie Schoerning

1:20-1:25 PM
Break: Introducing the new Kantar Retail IQ: Redefining the way you connect with Kantar’s expertise
Katie Schoerning, Senior Director of Marketing

David Marcotte

1:25-2:00 PM
The new global and North American retail supply chain
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President

For the rest of 2020, we will likely measure the damage of COVID-19 in terms of the international supply chain’s slow recovery. Businesses will face several issues to plan against as key shortages develop and impact existing production needs. We’ll help you:

  • Recover and/or prepare for failure recovery
  • Understand how to apply key learnings now and in the future
  • Strategize for the likely resurgence to come in the fall of 2020
Ryan McConnell

2:00-2:30 PM
Anticipating the balance: Future scenarios for the COVID-19 world
Ryan McConnell, Senior Vice President, Head of MONITOR, North America
Don Abraham, Senior Partner

In the blink of an eye, the COVID-19 pandemic dismantled the best-laid five-year plans of businesses across the world. But as business leaders move from asking “what happened?” to “what do we do about it?” they’re facing a future that may unfold in vastly different directions based on how people and institutions respond to the evolving crisis. In this session, we will:

  • Provide a US MONITOR snapshot of how consumers are navigating the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the key emerging attitudes and priorities
  • Use our proprietary futures framework to explore several scenarios that may develop in the coming year, illuminating the potential opportunities and threats inherent in each one
  • Leave you with an improved ability to anticipate the balance of 2020 and better prepare for what’s coming next
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

2:30-3:15 PM
Seven ways suppliers and retailers can pivot to address the COVID-19 reality
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President
Christina Anderson, Senior Director, Ecommerce and Omnichannel

The rapid spread of COVID-19 and the resulting disruptions to economic activity mean manufacturers and retailers need to make a sharp turn in their business plans. This session will:

  • Assess similarities and differences between the 2008 recession and today
  • Explain how the crisis is impacting shopper groups differently and potential actions you can take
  • Review retail and merchandising scenario plans that you should consider
Rachel Dalton, Director

3:15-3:45 PM
The new world of online delivery and pickup
Rachel Dalton, Director

The new retail reality amid COVID-19 has dramatically shifted spending from offline to online. Online grocery has catapulted far ahead of its 2020 projections. This lightning-fast growth in ecommerce is requiring brands, retailers, and last-mile delivery providers to rapidly adjust their processes and systems to deliver against this unprecedented demand. This session will:

  • Explore the rapidly changing trends in ecommerce
  • Assess the growing influence of last-mile delivery providers
  • Consider planning implications for specific fulfillment methods like click-and-collect
Ted Riedel

3:45-4:00 PM
Todd Szahun, Senior Vice President
Ted Riedel, Executive Vice President


Event Speakers

Todd Szahun
Todd Szahun
Senior Vice President

Todd leads the eCommerce and new retail insights team. Before joining Kantar, Todd held simultaneous corporate and operational roles within WPP, leading the expansion of practice areas including eCommerce, digital, data strategy, and shopper marketing across many of WPP’s top 50 clients. With deep client expertise in CPG; technology; entertainment; pharmaceuticals; and beer, wine, and spirits, Todd brings a wealth of experience building and deploying end-to-end marketing activities, including research, activation, amplification and measurement, that enable a broad view of what works across channels and sectors. Todd holds a B.A. in political science and an MBA with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a published author, frequent speaker at industry events, and startup adviser.
Ted Riedel
Ted Riedel
Executive Vice President

Doug Hermanson
Doug Hermanson
Principal Economist

Doug specializes in data management, forecasting, and applied economics for the economist and home improvement teams. He contributes economic, retail, and consumer insights through customized research, presentations, and syndicated publications. He is also a key developer of the econometric models and methodologies used in the channel, category, and country-level retail market forecasts produced at Kantar. He holds an M.S. in economics from The Ohio State University where he developed research on regional retail market development and financial commodity markets.
Mary Brett Whitfield
Mary Brett Whitfield
Senior Vice President

Mary Brett leads the shopper insights research and content development team for Kantar and also directs development of the company’s apparel retailing content. Mary Brett has extensive experience helping retailers and suppliers leverage shopper insights and other primary research data for performance improvement. She has worked at retail companies in market research, strategic planning, and sales development roles and has a strong background in industry and company analysis and competitive positioning work. Mary Brett earned a B.A. in economics from Smith College and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.
Oceanne Zhang
Oceanne Zhang
Director of Consulting

Ray Gaul
Ray Gaul
Senior Vice President of European Retail Insights

Based in London, Ray is an expert in global retail trends. He typically works with clients looking to understand how retail is changing across multiple countries and continents. He currently focuses on pan-European retail topics, such as the success and expansion of grocery discounters, the rise of buying groups in Europe, and M&A activities among big retailers. Ray also sits on Kantar’s global center of excellence for eCommerce. In addition, Ray leads Kantar’s dedicated forecasting teams that provide clients with future views to aid in key channel/account planning. Ray joined Kantar in 2000 having worked previously in Ukraine for three years. He holds a B.A. in economics and an M.A. in international relations with a focus on international economic policy.
Amar Singh
Amar Singh
Principal Analyst

Amar is a principal analyst, focusing on Canadian retail and eCommerce. He creates insights that inform strategic decisions related to key grocery, mass merchandising, drug, club, home improvement, and digital channels. Amar is a seasoned brand, shopper, and advertising researcher. Before joining Kantar in 2018, he managed consumer insights at a leading CPG brand in Canada, which included brand management, packaging optimization, and product innovation. Amar has an MSc in marketing and consumer studies from the University of Guelph.
David Marcotte
David Marcotte
Senior Vice President

David leads Kantar’s insights into the current and future state of international retail, complex business processes, and technology. He covers a range of retail channels, including home improvement, consumer electronics, and food service. David is a provocative keynote speaker for events across the Americas and Asia. He is an experienced leader of international teams, a veteran executive consultant, and a retail solutions architect. Before joining Kantar, David was the global business intelligence lead for retail and CPG at IBM, advising retail clients on POS infrastructure, merchandising, loyalty programs, IT design, loss prevention, supply chain, and large data solutions. Before IBM, David spent 20 years working at every level of retail, from the shop floor to executive management, within discount, grocery, chain drug, and food service operations. He is a past member of the Efficient Consumer Response Category Management Standards Group and the Association for Retail Technology Standards. David’s publications include The Store of the Future.
Ryan McConnell
Ryan McConnell
Senior Vice President

Don Abraham
Don Abraham
Senior Partner

Lei Duran
Lei Duran
Senior Vice President

Lei leads Kantar’s insights into Walmart and big-box retail. She has 20 years of experience as a marketing and merchandising strategist. She was a senior-level client for most of her career at Fortune 100 companies, including Delta Airlines, Miller, Walmart, and then on the agency side with WPP Geometry. She spent the most recent 15 years working in the Walmart ecosystem, including 10 years as a marketing and merchandising leader with a multibillion-dollar P&L. She most recently worked with top CPG suppliers using her deep understanding of Walmart to grow sales and distribution via marketing and advanced strategic planning. She is passionate about the fast-paced nature of commerce and has an innate curiosity about what drives shopper behavior. Lei holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Michigan.
Christina Anderson
Christina Anderson
Senior Director

Christina is senior director of digital and omnichannel on the Kantar team. She has extensive experience in ecommerce, omnichannel, consumer products, and analytics. Christina has partnered with manufacturers and retailers to help build comprehensive digital commerce strategies, develop omnichannel insights and action plans, and optimize digital-shelf execution. Before joining Kantar, Christina worked at an ecommerce data and analytics SaaS firm, where she partnered with global manufacturers on ecommerce performance optimization, data and reporting integration, and global structure and strategy best practices. Christina graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in business administration.
Rachel Dalton
Rachel Dalton
Director, Ecommerce/Omnichannel

Rachel leads eCommerce content and insights development for Kantar Retail IQ and Kantar events with a focus on Amazon and forecasting. She has a background in brand and global business management from her work leading strategic planning, new product development, and marketing initiatives across several CPG brands and categories. Rachel holds a B.A. from Connecticut College and an MBA from Cornell University.
Leigh ODonnell
Leigh O'Donnell
Vice President



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