12 & 13 May, 2020
Online | 1 pm - 4 pm CDT both days
Walmart Virtual Event
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About The Walmart Workshop

Walmart continues to accelerate growth in new areas while still keeping an eye on executing the fundamentals well, leaving vendors and partners to balance agility and focus at the same time. At Kantar’s Walmart Virtual Event, we will assess Walmart’s reaction to COVID-19, the retailer’s strategic approach in the marketplace, and the Walmart shopper opportunity as shopper behaviors change at an unprecedented rate during this time of adjusting to a new normal.

Attend Kantar’s Walmart Virtual Event to learn how to:

  • Align your company with Walmart’s future strategies to accelerate mutual growth
  • Excite shoppers with an upgraded, value-driven offer
  • Develop an omnichannel strategy that expands your engagement with Walmart and its shoppers

Kantar will unveil our updated Walmart 5 year forecast inclusive of the COVID impact.


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Walmart Workshop Update

In light of COVID-19, we have made the decision to put the health and wellness of our clients first. The Walmart Workshop will now be held virtually. We hope you’ll still join us from the comfort from your office or home.

What’s a virtual event like?

  • Easy access
  • Listen live, later, or view a recording in your own time
  • Directly download event presentations
  • Participate in live polls and Q&A with speakers

Please email events@kantarconsulting.com with any questions.

*Please note that to preserve the highest quality audio experience, we are pausing the use of webcams on all virtual events starting 3/31/2020. We are hopeful to return to our use of webcams in the near future. We appreciate your understanding of home WiFi bandwidth constraints. We will continue to reassess this decision as circumstances evolve.  



Don’t just dream of winning in retail. Experience it. Access our industry’s best
and brightest through thought-provoking presentations, inspiring conversations,
and hands-on working sessions. It’s time
to set yourself apart in the new era of retail.

Individual Event Pass

$ 1,250

  • Full Access to May 12 & 13 virtual events, session recordings, and PDF files of all available event presentations.

Group Event Pass (5 guests)

$ 5,000

  • Full Access to May 12 & 13 virtual events, session recordings, and PDF files of all available event presentations.

We understand virtually attending an event for a half day can make content consumption overwhelming. As such we've split this event across two days. The purchase of a registration allows the same individual to attend both days.

If you're interested in a group rate, check out our group event pass or email events@kantarconsulting.com for multi-attendee savings.

Walmart Virtual Event Agenda

Lei Duran

Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

Exploring Walmart’s performance and opportunities for growth in a competitive landscape
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

  • Contextualize COVID-19’s impact on retail, the economy, and the future of shopping.
  • Learn the status and drivers of the company’s performance and financial trends.
  • Understand who in retail is winning and why.
Taylor Galland

Breaking down Walmart’s strategy: The big bets fueling growth
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President
Taylor Galland, Senior Analyst

  • Evaluate key merchandising and service priorities and their role in Walmart’s overall strategy.
  • Evolve your role and brand voice as partners in Walmart’s marketing plans.
  • Discover how its sustainability and diversity values play a role in Walmart’s growth.
  • Explore the “fail fast” methodology and its implications for technology, innovation, and the store of the future.
MaryBrett Whitfield

Aligning with key segments of Walmart shoppers
Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President

  • Explore the key mindsets and shopping approaches defining shoppers today.
  • Examine the profile of Walmart’s most loyal shoppers.
  • Uncover Walmart’s evolving competitive set.
Lei Duran

Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

Lei Duran

Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

Tim Campbell

Shopper ROI: An effective approach to portfolio and assortment management
Tim Campbell, Director

  • Assess the shopper value equation in the store.
  • Learn how to play across the pricing ladder, from OPP to premium.
  • Understand how Walmart is employing its traditional and newer-value vehicles today.
Reid Greenberg

Ecommerce and new commerce: What they mean to your business
Reid Greenberg, Executive Vice President

  • Learn what Walmart shoppers’ changing behavior will mean for manufacturers and brands once COVID-19 is behind us.
  • Explore key ecommerce trends and growth areas across the marketplace.
  • Review new methods of commerce, such as social selling, subscriptions, and direct-to-consumer, and learn their implications.
  • Apply best-in-class ecommerce practices to your business at Walmart.
Lei Duran

Keeping pace with online grocery
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

  • Find out how Walmart’s Online Grocery shoppers use digital tools and technology to inform their shopping behaviors.
  • Learn what the consolidation of Walmart.com and the Online Grocery app means.
  • Assess Walmart’s online competitive positioning and the current and future threats it is facing.

Lei Duran, Senior Vice President


Kantar Event Speaker

Tim Campbell

Tim leads research and insights for Kantar’s club channel coverage and responsible for developing syndicated content and delivering custom work related to the three major U.S. club retailers: Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale. 

Taylor Galland
Senior Analyst

Taylor is a senior analyst on the Kantar Market Insights team. She is responsible for syndicated content, events, and custom strategic work centered on large-format stores in the mass, club, and home improvement channels.

Lei Duran
Lei Duran
Senior Vice President

Lei leads Kantar’s insights into Walmart and big-box retail. She has 20 years of experience as a marketing and merchandising strategist. She was a senior-level client for most of her career at Fortune 100 companies, including Delta Airlines, Miller, Walmart, and then on the agency side with WPP Geometry. She spent the most recent 15 years working in the Walmart ecosystem, including 10 years as a marketing and merchandising leader with a multibillion-dollar P&L. 
Mary Brett Whitfield
Senior Vice President

Mary Brett leads the shopper insights research and content development team for Kantar and also directs development of the company’s apparel retailing content. Mary Brett has extensive experience helping retailers and suppliers leverage shopper insights and other primary research data for performance improvement. She has worked at retail companies in market research, strategic planning, and sales development roles and has a strong background in industry and company analysis and competitive positioning work.
Reid Greenberg
Reid Greenberg
Executive Vice President

Reid leads Kantar’s global ecommerce and digital advisory business. He has an extensive background in Amazon first- and third-party strategies, pure-play online retailers, ecommerce efforts of more traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, multichannel best practices, digital path to purchase, emerging digital/ecommerce trends, and the evolving impact of the connected omnichannel shopper. Reid’s opinions and commentaries have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Chief Information Officer, Forbes, and other media banners.

Virtual Event

On May 11th, attendees will receive a link to virtually access the Walmart Virtual event. If you do not receive this link, please email events@kantarconsulting.com

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